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Hellervik Oilfield Technologies provides first-to-market equipment and services that aid in responsible, domestic, energy production. Hellervik Oilfield Technologies is a direct outgrowth of another Hellervik company, Product Level Control Inc. which has 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for processing methane gas and gas extraction. Hellervik Oilfield Technologies focuses on four distinct products:


Hellervik’s proprietary Oil Conditioning Unit controls crude oil volatility ensuring regulatory compliance and safer shipment of crude.


Hellervik’s mobile Natural Gas Processing plants allow for the elimination of flaring of associated gases that accompany oil production.


Hellervik’s Vapor Pressure Measurement protocol is the most effective and scientifically safest way to ensure that well output meets regulatory compliance.


Hellervik’s Emergency Preparedness Consulting team trains regulatory agencies and first responders in a comprehensive approach for safer crude transport, and disaster modeling and preparedness.

Our Services

Oil Conditioning Unit

The Hellervik Oil Conditioning Unit (OCU) provides oil producers an affordable tool to help them safely and efficiently produce crude oil that meets all regulatory requirements for transportation.

The OCU conditions oil to any desired volatility specifications by continuously monitoring vapor pressure of crude in the vessel. Factoring in external weather conditions, the OCU is able to dynamically control the temperature and pressure within the vessel to achieve the pre-selected vapor pressure required to meet standards for oil transport by pipeline, rail or truck.

Natural Gas Processing

Hellervik designs, builds, and operates mobile natural gas processing plants that allow for the elimination of flaring of associated gases that accompany oil production. The equipment is ideally suited for the Bakken environment where large amounts of natural gas are flared. These modular plants are built on a scale that allows economical distribution of the equipment to the field. This is in contrast to large centralized plants which require a significant capital investment. The Hellervik plants capture 96% of all Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), while using the captured gases to operate the plant. By using the NGLs to meet power requirements diesel-fueled generators are not needed at the well pad. This is a much safer and environmentally friendly alternative.

Vapor Pressure Measurement

When it comes to pressure testing: Are you ready for the regulatory change?

The Hellervik Protocol is the most effective, and scientifically safest way to implement NDIC 25417.

New regulations go into effect soon, and HOT is prepared now to begin testing your well output, and holding your crude oil to a higher standard.

Emergency Preparedness Consulting

Hellervik provides on-site training for your department employees who have the responsibility for using the ALOHA software suite. When using ALOHA for oil rail car accident modeling, the software is a simplistic simulation modeler designed to facilitate ease of use.

Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of robust, adequately derived and calculated solutions. Emergency preparedness professionals and first responders need the best available information to perform at the level of service expected.

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