Vapor Pressure Management

The OCU conditions crude to a predetermined level (13.6 psi, 9.0 psi, etc.) that will allow you to meet pipeline and rail specifications.  Further, the crude will satisfy quality requirements to earn you an additional $1-$5 per barrel while simultaneously cutting costs.

The core of Hellervik’s Vapor Pressure Management Services is its proprietary “Oil Conditioning Unit.”

Proven Technologies:

  • Uses widely accepted process models
  • Uses a site-specific algorithm for control
  • Uses site-specific conditions to determine operation conditions
  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Real-time local and remote control by Hellervik


  • The self-contained unit is available for immediate installation
  • Does not require construction of a centralized processing plant
  • Does not require the installation of a pipeline to transport unconditioned crude to a central processing plant.


  • Conditions crude to selected True Vapor Pressure (TVP) prior to storage
  • No direct-fired equipment
  • No direct emissions from unit
  • Utilizes electric power only
  • Highly-trained staff, operations support
  • Operations support available 24/7/365

Service & Maintenance:

  • Included in the lease agreement
  • Reduces costs of maintenance on the existing heater-treater
  • Reduces staff time to address out-of-specification (TVP)
  • Reduces TVP testing required

Reduced Cost:

  • Reduced heater-treater maintenance and replacement
  • Water disposal
  • Vapor pressure measurement

Increased Revenues:

  • Buyers pay more for quality crude