Oil Conditioning Unit

The Hellervik Oil Conditioning Unit (OCU) provides oil producers an affordable tool to help them safely and efficiently produce crude oil that meets all regulatory requirements for transportation.

The OCU conditions oil to any desired volatility specifications by continuously monitoring vapor pressure of crude in the vessel. Factoring in external weather conditions, the OCU is able to dynamically control the temperature and pressure within the vessel to achieve the pre-selected vapor pressure required to meet standards for oil transport by pipeline, rail or truck.

Proven Technologies:

  • Uses widely accepted process models
  • Uses a site-specific algorithm for control
  • Uses site-specific conditions to determine operation conditions
  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Real-time local and remote control by Hellervik


  • The self-contained unit is available for immediate installation
  • Does not require construction of a centralized processing plant
  • Does not require the installation of a pipeline to transport unconditioned crude to a central processing plant.


  • Conditions crude to selected True Vapor Pressure (TVP) prior to storage
  • No direct-fired equipment
  • No direct emissions from unit
  • Utilizes electric power only
  • Highly-trained staff, operations support
  • Operations support available 24/7/365

Service & Maintenance:

  • Included in the lease agreement
  • Reduces costs of maintenance on the existing heater-treater
  • Reduces staff time to address out-of-specification (TVP)
  • Reduces TVP testing required