Hellervik Natural Gas Plant

Hellervik designs, builds, and operates mobile natural gas processing plants that allow for the elimination of flaring of associated gases that accompany oil production. The equipment is ideally suited for the Bakken environment where large amounts of natural gas are flared. These modular plants are built on a scale that allows economical distribution of the equipment to the field. This is in contrast to large centralized plants which require a significant capital investment. The Hellervik plants capture 96% of all Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), while using the captured gases to operate the plant. By using the NGLs to meet power requirements diesel-fueled generators are not needed at the well pad. This is a much safer and environmentally friendly alternative.

Hellervik technicians operate the plans and perform all necessary maintenance. In addition, Hellervik can remove and transport NGLs to their destination. The Hellervik Natural Gas Plants are a mature technology that has been field proven for over 30 years.

Hellervik Natural Gas Processing Services:

  • 24/7 plant operation
  • Continuous safety monitoring
  • 96% efficient capture of Natural Gas Liquids
  • Field tested in the harshest climates
  • Proven technology