Hellervik Consulting Services

Hellervik provides on-site training for your department employees who have the responsibility for using the ALOHA software suite. When using ALOHA for oil rail car accident modeling, the software is a simplistic simulation modeler designed to facilitate ease of use.

Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of robust, adequately derived and calculated solutions. Emergency preparedness professionals and first responders need the best available information to perform at the level of service expected.

Team Hellervik has developed an ALOHA adjunct module, the Hellervik Derailment Simulation Module, that takes the ALOHA output data and refines it to include the following:

  • Multiple rail car breaches
  • Improved pooling parameter outputs for accurate pool area prediction
  • Enhanced blast & shock wave predictor
  • Ability to model crude oil at a Bakken composition profile
  • Improved crude light end vapor formation estimator
  • Enhanced terrain diffusion and dispersion calculations
  • Toxic plume modeling improvements
  • Simulation databases store derailment episodes for later use, when needed quickly

The people and the communities within oil explosion zones demand a higher level of protection from the teams of professionals whose job is to fully understand what may happen and then respond. Hellervik not only provides in-depth training on the ALOHA basic software package, but also training on the Hellervik Derailment Simulation Module. It is only with this advanced system that first responders and public safety planners can prepare emergency response scenarios to ensure the safety of the communities near the rail corridor.

Unfortunately, derailment will always be a risk, but with proper ENHANCED ALOHA training, we can prepare and rehearse adequate responses.